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Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Property tax assessments or reassessments can cost California home and business owners real money.

If you’ve received a property tax bill that you want to challenge, it can be difficult to know what to do next. That’s why you need an experienced lawyer by your side, who can walk you through the property tax appeals process step-by-step.

I have handled property tax appeals for all types of properties, including multi-use, apartment buildings, general commercial space and high-end residential properties.

There are a number of instances in which property owners would challenge property tax assessments, including:

  • inflated valuation of real property
  • supplemental assessments
  • escape assessments

If for these, or any other reasons, you need to challenge a property tax assessment, you must act quickly. You only have X days to file an appeal after you receive an assessment.

So, contact me as soon as you know you want to challenge a property tax assessment, and I’ll review your tax bill, perform an analysis of your property and comparable properties, and assess the potential for a property tax reduction.

I’ll act to preserve your rights, but I have to act quickly.

So, contact me today, to get started.

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