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Commercial And Residential Real Estate Transactions

California presents many challenges regarding real estate. It has exquisite locations with incomparable beauty and opportunities. But it also presents many problematic issues, from paperwork and documentation to zoning, land-use regulation and competition for limited parcels.

Costs are always escalating. When you put together a deal, there is much at stake, and at the Law Office of Ernesto Aldover, I can help to manage that complexity and provide the best chance of your project’s success.

We assist with a broad range of commercial and residential real estate matters, including the acquisition, sale, development and leasing of real property in California. Transactions, from large commercial properties to single-family homes, are always complex and critical.

Experienced And Cost-Effective Counsel

I have decades of experience practicing real estate and development law to help my clients achieve their goals. My representation can be as comprehensive as your deal or transaction requires, and I am always sensitive to your bottom line with responsive, efficient and cost-effective counsel.

Whether you face a difficulty with your transaction or want to avoid one, I can help. I provide experienced and knowledgeable representation, furthering and protecting my clients’ interests. I have successfully assisted my clients with real estate matters, including:

My Experience With Real Estate

The more complex the transactions, the more things than can go wrong. Because of my focus on real estate law, I understand these transactions and the litigation that develops around them. I can help minimize the likelihood of complexities compromising your deal. I know how to handle matters at a conference table as well as in a courtroom and I use that experience to help you succeed.

The Uniqueness Of Property

From the most complex commercial transactions to a purchase of a single-family home, all real estate transactions are unique and important. Whether a multimillion-dollar commercial development to a family’s dream home, I have the skills and expertise to help transform complex ideas and documents into reality.

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