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Fixing Simple Violations

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Commercial Real Estate


It’s important to remember that fixing building code violations is a simple process. In fact, it is as simple as contacting the right repair people to complete the repair process in time for the scheduled follow-up inspection. Approach the needed repair in an efficient and timely manner, but do not forget the importance of actually making sure that the repair is completed correctly. It is highly recommended that the process be approached immediately so that it is completed with time to spare.

Keep it Simple: Fixing Violations

  • Make a checklist of all building violations in your buildings/properties.
  • Group violations by category/based on contractor type necessary to complete repair.
  • Address building code violations quickly.

• Keep in mind when scheduling repairs that certain projects cannot be taken care of simultaneously – the repairmen would get in each other’s way or destroy work that was just completed in order to complete their own. i.e. schedule electrical repairs before drywall repairs, etc.
• Be aware of codes applicable to your property so you can schedule the correct repair and determine the extent of the repair that will be necessary.
• Contact an expert/building code consultant familiar with your area and projects similar to yours in the region if you are unsure how to bring a certain violation up to code.

  • Obtain the necessary permits for necessary work to be completed before you start the work.
  • Always hire a licensed contractor to handle all repair work in your building/property.
  • Discuss your needs with other property owners in the area to determine which contractors have a good reputation, etc.

• Request information regarding quality work as well as the contractors’ ability to complete the specified work within the estimated timeline for the job.
• Make structural violations your top priority. This type of major repair will often require that repairmen go into the interior of the wall, i.e. plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.
• Second repair priority should be for fire safety code violations. This may include: sprinkler system installation, alarms or fire extinguishers, etc.
• Consider accessibility changes as necessary. This could require ramps, handrails, widening doors, wheelchair access, etc. When attempting to complete accessibility changes hire a licensed architect.
• Install necessary signs as required by local building code, including maximum occupancy signs, exit signs, etc.

If you need additional information on how to handle building code violations, contact the southern California real estate attorneys at The Law Office of the Law Office of Ernesto Aldover.