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With Retz & Aldover LLP, individuals and businesses gain the power of extensive experience in a wide array of real estate law. Real estate transactions, real estate disputes and related matters can be extremely complicated due to the number of laws, regulations and processes involved. Regardless of whether you are engaged in commercial or residential real estate, we can help you avoid the negative legal consequences of transactions gone wrong. If you are in need of solid real estate legal advice, if you are stuck in the middle of a dispute over real estate or simply in need of clarification on real estate contractual agreements (with a broker, contractor, subcontractor, real estate agent, tenant, landlord, buyer, seller, etc.) we can help.

At Retz & Aldover LLP, we provide knowledgeable and sophisticated legal representation for any real estate matter. We are your Southern California Real Estate Attorneys and are prepared to review your situation and provide you with the specific legal advice pertaining to your situation. We are here to advise you, help you make informed decisions and take the proper course of action to obtain the most advantageous legal outcome. We aggressively represent every client – your interests in any dispute or litigation require resolution and we make that our top priority.

Real Estate Law

Eminent Domain
Real Estate Litigation
HUD 223f Loans
Commercial Finance
Purchase and Sale
Investment Properties
Multi-Family Properties
Commercial and Residential Properties
Title Defects
Failure to Disclose Property Defects
Contract and Real Estate Disputes
Lease Negotiations and Disputes
Rights of Way
Mechanics’ Liens
Construction Contracts

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