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Avoid Common Real Estate Disputes in Southern California

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Real Estate Law


While the southern California real estate industry seems to be resilient regardless of the highs and lows in national history over the last several years, it is not without its own brand of hiccups. Issues will often arise that require developers, buyers and sellers to seek legal assistance. To be completely straightforward, the real estate dispute is alive and well in southern California. How do you keep from getting sucked into a transaction that have you stuck in legal proceedings for months? The easiest way to avoid it is to know what to avoid.

Common Issues that Can Lead to Real Estate Disputes in Southern California.

Defects – Defects can be readily apparent in some cases, but in others they will not reveal themselves until later down the road. Defects can be found in building materials, appliances included in the sale, installation practices, etc.
Delays – Whether they are caused by acts of nature, illness amongst the construction crew’s work force, shipment problems, etc. delays will occur and in some small degree…should be expected. In many cases, the party responsible for the delay can be assigned liability or penalties in cases where the delays were avoidable.
Disagreements – The English language is a tricky beast and can be interpreted differently by different individuals. In some cases, this can lead to contract disputes where a certain clause in the contractual agreement is called into question with varying parties involved believing it to mean different things – make sure that your business deal addresses how such disputes should be handled.

All the common issues listed above can occur regardless of what stage of the real estate transaction you are involved in: building, purchasing, developing, etc. In situations where a dispute does occur, legal options include arbitration, mediation or litigation. They are all effective avenues that can be used by both individuals and businesses that are searching for resolution for disputes/disagreements. Regardless of which option you choose, seek legal representation to ensure that you are handling the dispute correctly.

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