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How to Obtain Zoning Grants and Permits

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Real Estate Law

How-to-Obtain-Zoning-Grants-and-Permits.jpgDo you know how to obtain zoning grants and permits? Do you know how to navigate the complex regulations connected to the process? Both zoning and permitting are controlled by governmental agencies. The processes are intended to provide them with control of the use of the building/property and land and to aid in the organization of the process of project development. In addition the zoning and permit processes are useful in overseeing projects to ensure that projects are developed safely for both the individuals involved and the surrounding environment. Sadly, in many cases, the complexity of the process will often result in delays to real estate projects under development due to denials/delays in obtaining zoning grants or permits.

This is one of the many areas related to real estate development where experience is a huge advantage. When in need of legal assistance make sure that your southern California real estate attorney has experience in zoning regulation and litigation specifically. Contractors, investors, developers and stakeholders can run into various problems related to zoning and permits in both commercial and residential real estate developments.

When obtaining permits for building projects, it’s common for builders, developers, etc. to require expansion that will reach into or onto the adjoining property. It could be to create more seating space in a popular 5-star restaurant, or it could simply be to provide more parking at a popular event venue. Regardless of why the expansion is needed, an experienced land development attorney can assist in the process of obtaining the necessary permits.

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