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What should you know about a real estate contract?

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Real Estate Law

Buying a house in California is a significant financial commitment. Legally obtaining a property, as well as verifying the legitimacy of the sellers can give you peace of mind going forward.

A real estate contract will address all of the details of purchasing your home. Knowing what it should contain and what to look for can help you protect yourself and the resources you have put toward buying a home.

Home warranty

Home repairs can add up quickly and create major challenges. When you buy a house, you have to rely on the sellers to provide honest information about the condition of the property. They should include information about any major damage to the home, as well as remodels or renovations. This information can help you make an informed decision about whether or not you feel comfortable following through with your purchase.

Some sellers, especially those of newer homes, will provide a home warranty up to a specified date. Look for information about this inside of your real estate contract. One way to protect yourself from unseen problems is to hire an independent company to perform a home inspection. They should be able to tell you if they recognize anything amiss that might influence your decision to buy.


Contingencies are a part of most real estate agreements. According to, contingencies require you to meet specific expectations before the sale will continue. Some sellers request unrealistic contingencies. You have the right to negotiate those to hopefully modify them to better benefit you. These might include requests from the seller regarding financing or earnest money among other things.

Taking the time to thoroughly read through a real estate contract can give you the confidence to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a property.