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What do you know about getting a business license?

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Business Law

Deciding to start a business in California opened a floodgate of additional decisions to make. For instance, how do you get a business license or registration so you may operate in your business sector and geographic location legally?

Chron breaks down the steps for registering your business with the right documents and information. Prioritize getting your license so you open your business sooner and have one less thing to worry about.

Formation options

Examples of business formations include limited liability company, sole proprietorship, S-corporation and limited liability partnership. The right structure depends on your specific business and desired level of legal protection.

After deciding your formation designation, do some research to determine whether you need a license to offer specific services or products. For instance, you need a license to work as a plumber or barber.

Geographic location

While looking into business structure options and licensing requirements, double-check that your research only includes information and examples specific to California. Regulations differ across state lines, and you do not want to waste time or money completing the wrong forms. Further, specific cities and counties could have unique requirements for their business owners, so look into those, as well.

Registration regulations

Maybe you already have a company in California and want to branch out to other states. If so, determine whether you need a registered agent wherever you wish to operate next. Your agent lives in the state you want to open a commercial location in and handles mail and other correspondence you receive in that location.

Do not let your business wither on the vine before it has a proper chance to develop. Learn as much as possible about forming and licensing your endeavor properly.