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Timing a residential real estate transaction in California

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Real Estate Law

Anyone who has ever owned and sold a home knows that timing is crucial. Put your house up for sale during the wrong time of the year and it may sit on the market for weeks, or even months. But, if you put the house up for sale during the hottest time of the buying season – typically late spring or early summer – you may benefit from a hot market, with bidding wars developing for your suddenly much sought after home.

Timing is why it is important to listen for news about the real estate market in southern California. In many ways, potential sellers need to look into the future to make sure they are going to be hitting the market at the right time.

According to reports, the recent status of the residential real estate market in southern California may be much the same as it has been for months, or perhaps even becoming a bit worse for sellers. The reports indicate that in the recent month of August sales prices for homes in southern California pretty much stayed the same, while during the same month the number of sales of homes fell, based upon a comparison with the same numbers from this time period last year. The reports indicate that many buyers may be struggling with the high cost of many houses that are for sale on the market.

Buyers and sellers of residential real estate alike need to have the best information about how to go through with a real estate transaction. Timing the transaction is crucial, but it can also help to have the right information about the legal process of buying and selling a home.