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Be detail-oriented in real estate transactions

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Real Estate Law

California residents can obviously become trepidatious when they are getting involved in a real estate transaction, whether it is residential or commercial in nature. These types of transactions often involve thousands, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. With such an expenditure of funds, the results must be right.

Anyone involved in a real estate transaction will want to be detail-oriented in their approach to getting the deal done. The back-and-forth between a potential buyer and a potential seller should almost always be done in writing, so that there is a verified record of what is being offered, accepted or countered. In most cases, the biggest issue is the purchase price for the real estate involved, but there can be other details to worry about as well, such as what fixtures or assets on the real estate will be included in the sale and how the buyer will secure financing.

The terms of a purchase agreement may seem like standard “boilerplate” legal language, but they are anything but that. These terms cover almost any eventuality that might occur while the real estate transaction is pending – it is important to pay attention to these terms and be sure that you understand them.

At our law firm, we understand that California residents who are entering into a real estate transaction are taking a big step. We do our best to attempt to make sure that our clients understand their rights and options. For more information, please visit the Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions overview section of our law firm’s website.