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Don’t let landlord-tenant disputes hamper your interests

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Real Estate Law

There are many business owners in Palos Verdes Estates and nearby areas in California who operate their business from rented premises. Such business owners would agree that disputes with the landlord-over rent, breach of fiduciary duty and other issues-are fairly common. Unfortunately, some of these disputes have the potential to severely affect the prospects of the business that operates out of the disputed property. On the other hand, a property owner may also be affected because of the same reasons.

In the event of such disputes, a business or a property owner can retain a lawyer to understand what the implications of a breach of contract or breach of fiduciary duty are. The most common dispute over commercial properties arises from the lease agreement and its interpretation by the parties to the contract. Such disputes can often be resolved if both parties sit across the table and discuss their issues and finally reach mutual agreement over the lease agreement. If required, a lawyer can guide the business owner or the property owner through the negotiation session.

Other common reasons for real estate disputes between landlords and tenants can be varied but are usually centered on the lease agreement. For example, an early termination of a lease by one party can enrage the other. Similarly, nonpayment or untimely payment of rent can harm a property owner’s interests. Again, improper maintenance of the property by the business owner or the property owner can also be grounds for a landlord-tenant dispute. Additionally, imposing high security deposits or being negligent toward problems with promised utilities by the owner are some other reasons.

Businesses need complete focus but when a business owner is unable to provide that attention to his or her business, the chances of the business entering a poor phase, increase significantly. Similarly, if a property owner is unable to obtain justified and timely amounts of money as rent and security, he or she has to bear the burden of a property that has the potential to earn more but is unable to do so because of an existing tenant. Since these disputes can often become fairly complicated, retaining a lawyer may be beneficial for both the business owner and the property owner. The lawyers at the Law Office of Ernesto Aldover have years of successful experience of handling such issues for their clients.