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California’s Green Building Law

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Real Estate Law

California's-Green-Building-Law-300x225.jpgA consortium of state agencies including the Department of Housing and Community Development, California State Lands Commission, California Building Standards Commission, etc. formed and drafted what is referred to as the California Green Law promoting ecologically conscious construction in California. The California Green Building Law has 12 parts. Changes are published every three years by the California State Legislature. Published changes take effect 180 days after a bill is passed. Legislation related to the green building law provides strict building standards that specifically consider: local climate, geological and/or topographical conditions that prevail in any one specific region.

Why do Land Developers Need to be Aware of the California Green Law?

The California Green Law can impact a land developer’s project. It’s important that builders stay up to date on the new changes. Not doing so could affect profitability, liability and exposure issues in relation to your California land development or real estate project. Working towards your end goal with knowledge of the legislation provides assurance and confidence that you are up to date with the myriad of regulations and standards that change every few years pertaining to property and land development in the state of California.

Why Should Land Developers and Builders Contact a Land Use and Zoning Attorney?

Interested land developers and California builders should contact an experienced land use and zoning attorney to explore the potential effects of how the bill could affect your project and your business. Our clients see us as an asset as we are able to provide guidance and specific expertise regarding the issues of the new bill. Utilizing our expertise and experience in this area means that you will be compliant and up to date regarding the bill’s specifications regarding each of the development phases of your project or land development. ‘

If you have questions or concerns about how California’s Green Bill could affect your project or next land development venture, contact the experienced land development and real estate attorneys at The Law Office of the Law Office of Ernesto Aldover.