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June 20, 2016

Evicting a Commercial Tenant in California

As a commercial property owner in southern California, you have probably had your fair share of tenants. Some pay the rent in advance, some pay the […]
November 1, 2015

Fraud in Post-Sale Commercial Business Transactions

Unfortunate situations can pop up during commercial sales of businesses – frequently due to the fact that sellers of the company may have misrepresented facts regarding […]
October 16, 2015

Investing in Rural and Undeveloped Land

If you are interested in investing in rural or undeveloped land in California, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced real estate attorney […]
October 9, 2015

What Every Purchase Agreement for Real Estate Must Include

Even experienced real estate owners and land developers can find the process of buying and selling of real estate confusing. Navigating purchase agreements, land rights, underwriting […]